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Our Invention Management Service is appropriate for organizations that routinely develop new products or product improvements and provides a comprehensive strategy for identifying, documenting and evaluating potential IP assets and focusing IP resources in the right areas. The benefit of this service is that important IP is identified early and protected before IP rights are lost. The Invention Management Service ensures that IP resources are laser focused on the inventions that add customer value and are therefore most likely to be copied. Our Invention Management Service builds better patent portfolios, stimulates innovation, focuses marketing resources on differentiating factors, saves money, and helps to illuminate a vision for future product improvements.

Our Patent Filing Service builds on the Invention Management Service to draft and file the right patent applications before a public disclosure or sale of the product. This ensures that every available patent right can be capitalized on. The benefit of Patent Filing is that it establishes a clear invention date and secures your right to obtain patents. Without patents there is no way to prevent a competitor from copying a design or innovative feature. Every patent application that you file potentially forces a competitor to react. Moreover, every patent application that you file is a potential revenue generator, through licensing.

Our Patent Prosecution Service begins as soon as a patent application is filed and ends when the last patent based on the patent application has been granted or abandoned. The benefit of pro-actively managing Patent Prosecution is that patents are issued faster and the patent claims can be tailored to a desired outcome, e.g. to block a competitor or to generate licensing revenue. Moreover, patent protection can be expanded using continuation and divisional applications to deliver more than one patent per patent application filed.

Our Patent Maintenance Service begins after a patent application has been granted and ends when the patent expires or is abandoned. The benefit of pro-active Patent Maintenance is that undervalued patents can be identified and exploited while non-performing patent assets can be eliminated to save money.