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IMA Services: Protecting you from concept to patent.

As a single point of contact for all your patent issues, IMA provides a turnkey approach to establishing your intellectual property rights to defend one product, or multiple product lines.

The New Patent Filing Service is ideal for a small company or sole inventor interested in identifying a key patentable feature and establishing patent rights. Based on IMA’s Patent Lifecycle Model, this service guides you through the patent process and ensures all deadlines, fees and processes are handled professionally.

The Invention Management Service is appropriate for organizations that routinely develop new products or product improvements and need a comprehensive strategy for identifying and protecting patentable features. IMA will customize an Invention Management Plan for your company that will dovetail with your product development cycles and your business objectives.

Working with product development teams, IMA principals help to identify novel features, stimulate innovative thinking, establish the ownership of each invention, and help focus resources in the right places.

Throughout the extensive (3-18 months) patent filing process, IMA uncovers information that will help you gain and maintain a competitive advantage by understanding market trends, identifying blocking patents in key technical areas, and establishing patent rights that support the business model.

And of course, we ensure accurate and timely submissions to The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and Foreign Patent Offices.